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Lega Navale Italiana sez. Porto San Giorgio

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In 1939, in the wake of rowing tradition of Canottieri Piceni and Canottieri Nettuno, Lega Navale Italiana di Porto San Giorgio was founded by Dr. Giorgio Tombolini.

The present base was opened on 24th July of that year. The number of members did not reach a hundred and there were very few boats. Instead of the rowing hulls of old rowers, there were some dinghies, a six-meter and two cruise boats. During the war the base suffered damage as a result of a bombardment. Once the war ended, even though the building was reduced in part to a pile of rubble, it was rebuilt thanks to the good will and generosity of the members not only for the service it could offer them but also to continue that tradition made of sports and hospitality.

In 1953, four passionate sailors asked Erasmo Silenzi, an expert shipwright, the construction of four racing 12 foot dinghies, which formed that nucleus of racing boats necessary for the formation of a sailing group which could be affiliated to the USVI, now FIV, affiliation which occurred in 1958. Paolo Amadio from Milan on Sardina, Fabrizio Emiliani from Fermo on Herring, Mattia Persiani from Rome on Alice, Elio Tomassini from Porto San Giorgio on Hippocampus and the Marquis Fernando Luciani Ranier together with Ugo Perucci from Porto San Giorgio on Picchietto began to race and they made the name of Vela Gruppo LNI Porto San Giorgio known in all the seas and lakes of Italy, a tradition that is still going on thanks to the work of our sailors.

The Federal Sailing School of the Society has trained dozens and dozens of recreational sailors and of international athletes who won several Italian championships of the FJ class, the Lightning class and the Laser 4.7. class.

The Sailing Group organized the Flying Dutchman pre-Olympic regatta, in 1968; the Finn Junior European Championship, in 1983; the European Championship Class A, in 1989; the FJ European Championship, in 1994; the FJ World Championship in 1999; the Lightning European Championship, in 2005, as well as numerous Italian Championships and, at the moment, the same Sodality is organizing the 2.4 mR World Championship and consider this event a prestigious and historic goal.

Lega Navale Italiana di Porto San Giorgio members welcome all the athlets who will race for the world title and they hope that the championship will remain for a long time in their hearts for the people’s warmth and the beautiful landscape of Marche Region.

Fair winds and following seas!

Carlo Iommi

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