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‘‘Liberi nel Vento’ ’ (Free in the Wind) Asssociation was founded in 2002 by people who love sea and its main objective is to promote sailing, having fun and being together. Thanks to the Italian Sailing Federation and the Italian Paralympics Committee, as well as to the contributions of other organizations, businesses and private people, ‘Liberi nel Vento’  has created a private nautical marina at the Porto San Giorgio Marina Spa.

The Association’s sailing activities are both competitive and recreational with 2.4mR boats being used for the competition and a Soling and a La Praire boat which are suitably equipped  for the Association’s recreational outings.  Outings typically last about 2 hours.

NIn 2003 ‘Liberi nel Vento’  hosted the 2.4mR Italian Championships and since 2005 the Association has being organizing an annual national race: The Sandro Ricci Cup sponsored by the Rotary Club of Fermo.  Its athletes regularly participate in national and international regattas.  In 2005 ‘Liberi nel Vento’  participated in the2.4mR World Championship in Marciana Marina (Italy) as well as the 2008 2.4mR World Championship in Las Palmas  and organized by the Royal Nautic Club Grand Canary Island. Three boats and skippers took part in the 2010 IFDS World Championship in Athens, Greece.

Sea outings are offered to people afflicted with different disabilities;  physical as well as mental and sensory.   Many members of day centers, voluntary groups, and the Department of Mental Health have the opportunity to enjoy a ride on a sailingboat with dinghy support and an IVF instructor on board.  There were 100 sea outings in 2008 and more than 300 people with different disabilities sailed with us from all over Italy. 
  •   In December 2008 ‘Liberi nel Vento’  received the Provincial CONI award as Sports Association of the Year;
  •   In March 2009 it was appointed with the Siren Award by HSA Italy for the diving project "The emotions of the sea";
  •  In December 2011 ‘Liberi nel Vento’  was awarded the Sensoriabilis Award for the Association which developed the best services and initiatives in social tourism.

‘Liberi nel Vento’  is also:

  • a promoter of awareness of disability issues and sports for all in primary and secondary schools and in colleges
  • a collaborator with other local Fermo voluntary organizations to host various activities which aim to improve the integration of people with physical, mental and/or sensory disabilities into society
In 2011 a series of very important improvements were made to the marina in order to facilitate the hauling and launching of boats.  ‘Liberi nel Vento’  has wonderful sport facility that can give everyone, including tourists, the opportunity to sail 2.4mr boats with the support of a complete and very functional marina. It is an impressive achievement which took great economic and organizational efforts to realize thanks to all who believe and supported the goals of A.S.D ‘Liberi nel Vento’.

The hosting of the 2.4mr Class World Championships, in 2012, is an important event to look forward to for all of the  members of ‘Liberi nel Vento’ .   The President, the Executive Council and the members of ‘Liberi nel Vento’  are  engaged in organizing this splendid sport event and they are certain that the level of hospitality and the technical and organizational skills will be appreciated by all athletes and their friends.

It 's nice to be ... Free in the Wind (‘Liberi nel Vento’ ) !
Fair winds

The President
Daniele Malavolta

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